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Venue: Blender Theater, Manhattan, New York
Date: 9/8/09
Reviewed By: Rich Catino

Famous for fronting the 80’s heavy metal band Warlock, metal queen Doro Pesch continues to make new music today and is currently out in support of her latest solo release "Fear No Evil". For those of you here in the U.S. who probably don’t know, in recent years, Doro celebrated her 25-year career by performing a three hour set on December 13, 2008 at the 20,000-capacity ISS Dome in Düsseldorf, Germany, and recorded the official "anthem" of the Wacken Open Air festival, entitled "We Are The Metalheads", a festival which celebrated its 20th anniversary this year.

Doro does not tour the States often but when she does the soft spoken German showcases music from both her days in Warlock and solo career. Joined by long time drummer Johnny Dee and Nick Douglas, with new guitarist Joe Taylor, tonight’s rather small crowd (unfortunately maybe a little over 100) were treated to Warlock classics ‘I Rule The Ruins’, ‘Fight For Rock’, the title track to “True As Steel” which is one of my favorites, ‘Burning the Witches” off the debut of the same title, what has become the trademark anthem ‘All We Are’, and ‘Earthshaker Rock’.

Concerning Doro’s solo career - it never really caught on with the American audience which is probably why her set is usually heavy on the Warlock material. But usual staples played in other parts of the world where her music is much more appreciated included ‘Love Me In Black’, ‘Burn It Up’ from 2000’s "Calling The Wild", ‘You’re My Family’, and ‘Unholy Love’. ‘Night Of The Warlock’ was a solid headbanger off the new album "Fear No Evil" and was well received. Regardless of the rather dismal numbers Doro performed as if she in front of thousands, she always does.


Earthshaker Rock
I Rule The Ruins
Burning The Witches
True As Steel
Night of the Warlock
Fight For Rock
Unholy Love
Above The Ashes
Metal Racer
We Are The Metalheads
Breaking The Law
All We Are
Love Me In Black
You’re My Family
Burn It Up

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