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Venue: Crocodile Rock Café, Allentown PA
Date: 7/23/09
Reviewed By: Stingray

Being a child of the 80’s in the “hair band” era, I knew every song from the first cords without having to look at the set list.

I love going to see the bands I grew up on, and seeing that they can still rock as hard as they did 20 years ago. Warrant is no exception as original members Erik Turner and Joey Allen on guitars, Jerry Dixon (bass), and Steven Sweet (drums), are now joined by Robert Mason (Lynch Mob, Cry Of Love) replacing Jani Lane on vocals.

The show had a little more meaning for those of us attending because Robert Mason is “the local boy done good” hailing from here in The Lehigh Valley, PA. I remember going to see Warrant in early 90’s, and I’m sorry Jani, but Robert kicked your ass behind the mic.

Aside from a little technical difficulty with Robert’s mic in the beginning, the show was non-stop energy for an hour and a half. With no solos, no encore, and no long-winded introductions, Warrant played all the favorites off the first two albums (“D.R.F.S.R.”, “Cherry Pie”), two tracks off the 3rd (“Dog Eat Dog”), and a cover of Queen’s ‘We Will Rock You’. Totally killer!

A night that brought back memories of days gone by and a little nostalgia when the lighters get raised in the crowd during the song ‘Heaven’.

It’s great to see that Warrant is still rockin’ and drawing in new fans with the younger generation! If they ever come to your area, be sure to check them out!

And it’s always a plus when you get to hang with the band and they’re down to earth. Where they’ll bullshit with you and don’t have that "I’m A Rock Star so you need to kiss my ass attitude"!

Set List:

Down Boys
Big Talk
Sure Feels Good To Me
32 Pennies
Sometimes She Cries
The Hole In My Wall
So Damn Pretty (Should Be Against The Law)
Machine Gun
I Saw Red
Bed Of Roses
Ridin’ High
Blind Faith
Mr. Rainmaker
Uncle Tom’s Cabin
We Will Rock You
Cherry Pie

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