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Seven Witches/ Autumn Hour

Date: 3/28/09
Venue: Dingbats in Clifton, New Jersey
Repot and Pictures By: Rich Catino
Seven Witches, featuring the reuniting of Jack Frost on guitar and James Rivera (Helstar) on vocals with Mike Lepond (Symphony X) on bass, and Taz Marazz playing drums, continue celebrating the band’s 10th anniversary with a semi family reunion at Dingbats in New Jersey. The setlist included classics like 'Camelot', 'The Answer', 'Metal Tyrant', 'Mental Messiah' and the title track to 'Passage To The Other Side' where the crowd was treated to a duet between James and Alan Tecchio (Hades, Non Fiction, Autumn Hour). Also in attendance were former Witches bass players Clint Arent who’s new band (with Alan Tecchio), Autumn Hour, made its live debut tonight, and Kevin Bolembach from the band Infernophonic.
Autumn Hour:

Seven Witches:

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