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Symphony X

Date: 11/20/08
Venue: Mulcahy's Pub And Concert Hall Wantagh, New York
Reviewed By: Rich Catino

Intro: Occulus Ex Inferni
Eve of Seduction
Evolution (The Grand Design)
Inferno (Unleash the Fire)
The Serpent's Kiss
Paradise Lost
Church of the Machine
King of Terrors
Smoke and Mirrors
Revelation/ Divine Wings of Tragedy VII
Set the World on Fire (The Lie of Lies)
Of Sins and Shadows

Originally released in 07, November of 08 saw Symphony X (well most likely their record label) put out a special 5.1 edition of their popular latest album “Paradise Lost”. A step that has become somewhat of a trend for many bands to reignite interest in their catalogue.

The double disc package includes a DVD 5.1 mix of the entire album as well as two enhanced HD videos for 'Set The World On Fire' and 'Serpent’s Kiss'. In support of this release the band played five shows in the US before the holidays.

Mixing things up, the setlist changed a bit from their usual staples like “Of Sins and Shadows” and “Smoke and Mirrors”, adding in “Church of the Machine” from the album “Twilight in Mount Olympus”, “Evolution” from “V”, and “The Divine Wings of Tragedy VII” from the album of the same title. All very nice choices. Selections from the latest disc, “Paradise Lost”, included the title track which gives Russell Allen plenty of room to sing his heart out, singles “Serpent’s Kiss” and “Set the World on Fire”, headbanger “Domination”, and show opener “Eve of Seduction”. The band sounded great, looked relaxed and tight as always.


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