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Kamelot/ Edguy

Date: 10/15/08
Venue: BB King Blues Club, NYC
Reviewed By: Rich Catino

Lavatory Love Machine
Tears of a Mandrake
Vain Glory Opera
King of Fools


Rule the World
When the Lights are Down
Soul Society
The Pendulous Fall
Center of the Universe
Descent of the Archangel
Instrumental/Drum Solo
The Human Stain
The Haunting (Somewhere In Time)
Eden Echo
Keyboard Solo


Ghost Opera
March of Mephisto

Germany’s Edguy are not on the road supporting a new album as of yet but instead are gearing up for the release of their forthcoming disc titled “Tinnitus Sanctus”, due out in Europe on November 14th via Nuclear Blast Records, and in North America in early 2009. Tonight’s setlist as a result focused on hits from the past like “Tears of the Mandrake”, “Superheroes”, “King of Fools”, and “Lavatory Love Machine”. The band were on fire as always as maestro and jokester Tobias Sammet maintained an excellent rapport with his audience winding them up with a couple segments of crowd participation and poking fun (in hand gesture) at his guitarists small penis and then the entire band’s shortcoming in a song title. Hysterical! All done in good fun. It’s just always great to see these guys live. I’m looking forward to the new album based on the first video/single for the track “Ministry of Saints” and a full setlist from a headline tour.

Kamelot continue to tour in support of their latest dish of European style power/prog metal “Ghost Opera” which just got the reissue treatment that includes bonus material. The setlist is pretty much the same from their last visit (see my pics from 07 http://www.metalasylum.net/concertreviews/2007/cr0716.html ) with the exception of addition “The Pendulous Fall” which is a bonus track on the “Ghost Opera” reissue. “When The Lights Are Down”, “Center of the Universe”, “Karma”, “Abandoned”, “Forever”, and “March of the Mephisto” all appear to be staples and crowd favs, yet, unfortunately nothing included from the first three albums or the excellent “Fourth Legacy”. ?? Not even “Nights of Arabia”, too bad.

The band, consisting of Roy Kahn with his graceful pipes, Thomas Youngblood on guitar, Glenn Barry (bass), Oliver Palotai on keys, drummer Casey Grillo with female singer Anne-Catrin Märzke for the live shows, as always sharp dressed and well prepared for the stage.

Note: I apologize for the pictures. There was no barricade and I had to shoot from the audience and did the best I could.






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