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Date: 04/06/08
Venue: BB Kings Blues Club, NYC
Reviewed By: Rich Catino

Over The Wall
Into The Pit
Apocalyptic City
Practice What You Preach
The New Order
Electric Crown
More Than Meets The Eye
A Trail Of Tears
Henchmen Ride
Souls Of Black
Evil Has Landed
The Preacher
3 Days In Darkness
Alone In The Dark
Disciples Of The Watch

In 2008 Thrash Metal is alive and well and the monster Godzilla that is Testament has retuned to NYC once again to reek havoc and destruction crumbling our skyscrapers to the ground.

With four fifths of the classic line up back together, Chuck Billy on vocals, Eric Peterson and Alex Skolnick on guitars, and Greg Christian on bass joined by Paul Bostaf on drums, the planets have once again aligned for this mighty and respected band. It has been almost ten years since the last studio release and I can’t think of a better way to return than having Alex and Greg back in the band with Bostaf (a thrash alumni having played with Forbidden, Slayer, and Exodus) joining them.

The hype and excitement has been understandably growing ever since Alex and Greg returned touring with the band in 2005 with original drummer Louie Clemente joining them several times since which can been seen on their newest DVD “Live in London”.

Along with of course playing the classics like “Over the Wall”, Into the Pit”, “Practice What You Preach”, “Alone in the Dark”, and “Disciples of the Watch”, tonight and with this current tour, Testament also started throwing in some songs that Alex and Greg did not record with the band like the punishing crowd fav (as the people chanted) “DNR” and “3 Days in Darkness” from “The Gathering”, the title track to “Low” and ballad “Trail of Tears” which Greg did play on. “Apocalyptic City” from “The Legacy” was a great choice to dust off and the title track to “The New Order” is always a pleasure to hear. Maybe we can get “Eerie Inhabitants” next time??

With a new album dropping the end of April the guys treated the sold out frenzied crowd to three new songs. “More Than Meets The Eye” is more than a worthy of a Testament song with its traditional thrash gallop and one that would fit perfectly on “Practice What You Preach”. “The Evil Has Landed” and especially “The Henchman Ride” both recall the bands earlier days with twin guitar harmonies, punch, aggressive tempo twists and turns. Alex is now in top form looking very comfortable throwing in all the pinches and squeals that make his playing so recognizeable and by the look on his face really enjoys playing thrash metal again. Chuck Billy is the voice behind the mighty monster and from what we heard on these three new tunes he has gone back to singing more instead of the incessant barking something he weighed heavy on over the last three records. He throws in the growls at appropriate times which he does so well and should to accent certain words bringing the listener to their knees.

Knowing Testament is back performing with the classic lineup and a forth coming new album brings a feeling of excitement to this journalist and fan. I almost feel giddy, like a little school girl waiting for my favorite pop star to sign their newest cd for me.

Testament is back!

Note: Sorry readers for the lack of pictures, well really absence of, but to make a long story short the venue ran out of photo passes. By the time mine was issued the band were already on the third song. When I got to the photo pit, fought for a spot amongst the photographers, MTV film crew, bouncers and rabid fans, I got off about ten shots and then everyone got booted from the photo pit. Frustrating I must say but there will be another time. Hopefully BB’s next time will be better prepared for such a turn out.


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