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Date: 02/04/08
Venue: BB King Blues Club, NYC
Reviewed By: Rich Catino
Pictures By: Helena

Funeral Hymn
Children Of A Worthless God
A Lesson In Violence
Fabulous Disaster
War Is My Sheppard
Strike Of The Beast
Shovel Headed Kill Machine
Bedlam 123
Bonded By Blood
The Toxic Waltz

Exodus have an excellent new album out called “The Atrocity Exhibition, Exhibit A” that will surely please long time fans.

As the guys took the stage to the album’s opening instrumental “Call to Arms” and then blazed into first single/video “Riot Act” followed by one of my favs off the new album “Iconoclasm”, it was obvious the guys meant business, especially given singer Rob Dukes gut wrenching vocals.

Now this is the first time I took note of this at BBs, but the staff was actually reacting to this show. Usually the workers run for cover and have a look of confusion when a heavy real heavy metal band plays. As harsh and aggressive as Exodus is, at the core their music is grounded in well thought out riffs and rhythm changes with attention to direction and purpose. Exodus metal isn’t heavy just for the shear purpose of being heavy. There is a groove to many songs and the changes in direction within a song, perfect example “Funeral Hymn” which caused me to sustain a sore neck in the days that followed from headbanging, both riff and rhythmic wise is undeniably catchy.

The set while featured five brand new gems was not devoid of classics like “Piranha”, “Strike of the Beast”, “Bonded by Blood”, title track to “Fabulous Disaster” and pit favorite “Toxic Waltz”.

Lead by long time original guitar Gary Holt and drummer Tom Hunting, joined by second guitarist Lee Altus and bass player Jack Gibson, they showcase their abilities past the sheer speed and aggression for more melodic based songs like “Children of a Worthless God” with its twin guitar leads and the mid paced absolutely crushing “Blacklist” where frontman Dukes rallied the crowd to chanting with raised fists in the air. BBs even allowed stage diving which I NEVER see anymore at heavy metal concerts. And to boot as far as what I could see there were no fights, no one got out of control or thrown out. I am very looking forward to seeing them live again.


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