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Lizzy Borden

Date: 11/02/07
Venue: Lamours Staten Island, New York
Reviewed By: Rich Catino

It’s been a little while since the murderous Lizzy Borden road show gave audiences the axe. After a short lived return for the “Deal with the Devil” album in 2000, frontman Lizzy decided to go off and do a project called Starwood which was inspired by bands like T Rex and Thin Lizzy. Now he is back with his namesake and a new reinvigorated release entitled "Appointment with Death" which sees Mr. Borden re imagining himself and band members for the new millennium while of course maintaining the shock elements fans have come to love. I mean common its Lizzy Borden!

The current lineup is Ira Black on lead guitar, Marten Andersson on bass and Joey Scott on drums with Jack Frost (Seven Witches, Bronx Casket Co.) filling in on second guitar for current tour activities. The uniform for this album is a black and yellow like tapestry with Lizzy seeing several mask changes throughout the show fitting the change in songs adding the element of the theater.

Lizzy of course did the female murder scene during “Come Out At Night” which Lizzy is well known for, as well as offering up some fresh blood to the audience during “Will Be Blood Tonight”. Jack did not play the entire set but his contributions during a song like “Me Against the World” which required the twin guitar harmonies were right on. He and Ira harmonized perfectly. New songs featured in the set from the new album included opener “Abnormal”, the title track, “Live Forever” and “Bloody Tears”. Classics included the title track to “Master of Disguise” and the anthem “American Metal”.

Unfortunately, this new location for the legendary named Lamours is not nearly big enough for the caliber of acts that use to visit the former Brooklyn location. I mean Lamours use to be considered a legendary place to play and your tour was not complete unless the venue was payed a visit. And for this stop on Lizzy’s abbreviated run of dates (the tour was initially cancelled to be properly rescheduled in 2008 but Lizzy honored the few already booked) the crowd was just not there, I’d say a hundred were in attendance tops. Hopefully next time Lizzy will have the chance to play a better suited and advertised venue.


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