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Symphony X

Date: 08/11/07
Venue: Starland Ballroom, Sayreville, New Jersey
Reviewed By: Rich Catino

Set List:

Set the World on Fire
Serpent's Kiss
Paradise Lost
Smoke and Mirrors
Walls of Babylon
Sea of Lies
Of Sins and Shadows
The Odyssey

After a five year gap between their last album “The Odyssey” and the latest gem “Paradise Lost”, Symphony X get to do some more extensive touring in the States, aside from their 06’ run on Gigantour. With an outstanding new album on shelves the band started their set with five, yes that’s five new songs from it and deservedly so as “Intro”, “Set the World on Fire”, “Domination”, and “Serpent's Kiss” seamlessly flow into each other carrying an energy and power not many can match. Symphony X hit the stage firing on all cylinders and the time away from the stage must have built up like the equivalent to a pending volcanic eruption. With this new record the band has concocted up yet another magical potion for their music equivalent to “The Odyssey”, raising the bar for themselves both on a musical and power level.

When it comes to performing live, everything you hear on disc you get on stage. Guitarist Mike Romeo and Mike Pinnella on keyboard are not the products of studio tricks, these guys do it all live and Romeo gives Yngwie more than a run for his money. Really you have to see Romeo for yourself, every time the guy would go into a solo all eyes were on him. It was like people at a golf tournament. Russell Allen, what more can be said that already hasn’t about his voice, he has power, grace, melody, soul and a bite when need be. He takes command of the stage in the tradition of legends Ronnie Dio (Rainbow, Black Sabbath,Dio) and Bruce Dickinson (Iron Maiden). Jason Rullo on drums and Mike Lepond hold down the tight rhythm section and complete the circle, equally as talented as their mates.

Playing to a home town crowd the Starland was filled with more than enthusiastic fans that sang along to almost every song.

This was really a Heavy Metal crowd and the level of energy put out by the band was sucked up by the audience like a sponge. I am really looking forward to their return and they better get on recording a live DVD.

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