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Smell The Glove

Date: 05/12/07
Venue: The Cup, Linden, NJ
Article By: Crystal Cattano
Pics: Rich Catino

Meet the Aarius Studio’s house band: Smell the Glove
Take one of the hardest working metal guitarists in the world. Add a top-notch, road-tested rhythm section and a young vocalist whose pipes rival some of the genre’s most respected air raid sirens. Pepper the mix with a slew of guest singers whose faces will surely be familiar. What is the result?

“Debauchery. Debauchery,” said bassist Clint Arent.

Meet Smell the Glove, one of the hottest new metal cover bands to hit the scene. “This band is all about fun,” said Arent.

Smell the Glove started in the mind of guitarist Jack Frost, who has toured the world with some of the heaviest metal bands, such as Bronx Casket Company, Speeed, Savatage, Seven Witches, Frost Bite, and Metalium. There was a time when you couldn’t step into the former Birch Hill Night Club without seeing Jack either on stage or in the crowd. And he has continued to work hard, lending his distinctive guitar playing to songs on tribute albums to Heavy Metal legends such as Dio, Helloween, The Scorpions, W.A.S.P., Judas Priest, Twisted Sister, and Accept. He’s also made time to release two of his own critically acclaimed solo albums.

Frost is ready to turn his attention to the music he loves the most, and he’s recruited a formidable bunch of musicians to join him on stage. Bassist Clint Arent has toured with Jack Frost’s solo band, as well as metal supergroup PainmuseuM. Drummer Joe Cattano, owner of Aarius Studios, toured with Frost in the band Frost Bite.

Who could possibly front this band of heavy hitters? “The main guy is this chick magnet named Walter,” said Arent. Walter Figueroa has appeared with Paradox, Imprecari, and Severed Hand. In addition, a few other notable guest stars will be gracing the Glove’s front spot. Stay tuned.

Smell the Glove has put together a set list that will make sure people leave with a smile and want to come all the time. “We’re working on some cool old songs that people are not used to hearing, but the rockers will really enjoy,” said Arent. Songs like “L.O.V.E. Machine” from WASP, “Breaking the Chains” by Dokken, and “Wasted” by Def Leppard. “We’re getting them as tight as possible along with a bit of Smell the Glove metalizing,” said Cattano.

“We’re not like some of these guys who are just going through the motions,” said Frost. “We will kick your ass.”

Expect stacks of amps, big drums, and lots of hair. “It would be great to be able to get a large fan base so we can perform the songs the way they were meant to be played,” said Cattano. “VERY LOUD AND IN FRONT OF A HUGE AUDIENCE!”

What better name for an 80s metal cover band than Smell the Glove. “Nothing says 80s metal like Spinal Tap, so it was natural to take our name from something from the movie,” said Cattano.

“Shark Sandwich doesn’t have the same ring to it, you know?” said Arent.

So the question is, are you ready to Smell the Glove?

“I don’t think anything could have prepared me for Smell the Glove,” said Cattano.

Current setlist (additions are made all the time):

Dokken – Breaking the Chains
Def Leppard – Wasted
Led Zepplin – Rock n Roll
Kiss – Strutter and Cold Gin
Motely Crue – Red Hot
Wasp – Love Machine
Journey – Any Way You Want It
Whitesnake – Slow and Easy
Badlands – High Wire
Ratt – Lack of Communication
Judas Priest – Grinder and Diamonds and Rust
Skid Row – Piece of Me
Scorpions – Rock You Like a Hurricane and Alien Nation
Twisted Sister – Shoot em Down
Quiet Riot – Metal Health
ACDC – Dirty Deeds
Iron Maiden – Flight of Icarus
Black Sabbath – Heaven and Hell


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