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Date: 10/12/06
Venue: Starland Ballroom, Sayerville , New Jersey
Reviewed By: Rich Catino


Setlist :
The Preacher
The Haunting
Disciples of the Watch
Alone in the Dark
Practice what you Preach
Over the Wall
The Legacy
Into the Pit
Burnt Offerings
Electric Crown
Souls of Black
Raging Waters

Since the early 90's after the release of “The Ritual”, the Testament lineup has not been too consistent upon Alex Skolnick, Louie Clemente and Greg Christian's departure. Original guitarist Eric Peterson and singer Chuck Billy were the only constant since their 1987 debut and their rankings since has utilized such talent as Metal Mike Chlasciak and James Murphy on guitar, Paul Bostaph , Dave Lombardo (Slayer) and John Tempesta on drums, and Steve DiGiorgio on bass.

Fast forward to 2004-05 and it has been many years since original guitarist Alex Skolnick and bassist Greg Christian played in the band and its great to have them back, as well as original drummer Louis Clemente making an appearance when he can behind the kit, which he did toni ght for “Alone in the Dark”.

I have always felt when Testament came to town was a metaphor for Godzilla, Rodan , King Ghidorah , and Baragon battling it out in Tokyo city. Reason is the Bay Area Thrash Metal they have been making since the mid eighties just has that kind of power and destructive capability when played live. Its all about chemistry. First off take Chuck Billy's vocals…..which are so thick, heavy, clear, and effective especially when he emphasizes certain words with his growl. He is the voice of the monster and the emphasis on certain words becomes his weapon of choice. Crunching guitar riffs and dual melodic leads provided by Skolnick and Peterson are the arms to the beast while Greg Christian's rumbling bass lines and drums, currently provided by Jon Allen from Sadus , are the legs for the earth crumbling monsters rampage.

The structure of Testament songs just ring perfect to be garnered the title of a giant movie monster. Precision, power, timing, unison, emphasis are all key to what a great formula the music has to crumble buildings and lay waste to all that stand in their way

The crowd was very receptive to the return of the classic lineup and Chuck Billy said they are also working on a new record for next year.

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