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Eddie Trunk “Friday Night Rocks”

Date: 10/29/06
Venue: Hard Rock Café, Manhattan , New York
Reviewed By: Rich Catino

Skid Row setlist :
Piece of Me
Sweet Little Sister
New Generation
18 & Life
Monkey Business
Another Dick in the System
Big Guns
Psycho Therapy
I Remember You
Slave to the Grind
Beat Yourself Blind
Youth Gone Wild

So Eddie Trunk celebrates yet another year of successful Hard Rock/Heavy Metal radio on 104.3 by throwing a headbangers Halloween party in New York at the Hard Rock Café in Times Square . There were several celebrities in the crowd, pro ball player and former Met Mike Piazza, record producer Michael Wagner, Bobby Blitz from Overkill, Dave Ellefson formerly from Megadeth , Jack Frost from Seven Witches/Bronx Casket Co., Oscar and Joacim from Hammerfall who were in town for their “Threshold” cd release party the following day at the Lit Lounge.

This was basically a private party for a selected number of fans who were only able to get tickets by listening to Eddie's radio show, as well as friends of Ed and industry people.

Our entertainment for the night, Skid Row, rocked really hard and even though I am not fond of their latest release “Revolutions Per Minute”, that material like “Another Dick in the System”, “Disease”, and “Strength” came across great live. The title track off their last release “ Thickskin ” is a solid opener as well. The band sounded really good, heavy and tight. John ny Solinger remains the singer and is nothing short of both a solid voice and a hard rockin frontman . The Skid Row ranks are closed by original members Scotti Hill, Rachel Bolan , and Dave Sabo joined by new drummer Dave Gara . They delivered a strong set of both new and classic songs yet I would really like to hear something else off “Subhuman Race” other than the grinding repetition of “Beat Yourself Blind”. That's all I ever hear them play off that one.

Along with a costume contest the night was closed by a surprise impromptu jam session during “Youth Gone Wild” as Ed Trunk, Mike Piazza and a few others jumped on stage and rocked with the Skids. Even Piazza grabbed Snake's guitar and started shredding. How much more Metal can get.

Thanks go out to Tara from SPV records it was great to meet you, Dave from Earsplit PR/SPV thanks for the beer brother, and John Paris from SPV. Great working with you all as always, you guys rock! Thanks to Ed Trunk for having the Asylum at your event once again.

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