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Date: 2/28/06
Venue: BB King Blues Club, New York City
Reviewed By: Rich Catino

Setlist :
Rotten to the Core
Deny the Cross
Hello from the Gutter
Thanx for Nuthin
Blood Money
Long Time Dyin
Where it Hurts
Old School
Fuck You

I think I have seen Overkill about 35 times over the years, yes I know that's a lot but shit they are a local Jersey band, have been around for 20 years and plus they are just killer thrash… reason enough. Almost every time I see them the setlist changes a bit, I think the only songs I have never heard leave the setlist are Eeeee ….. limination and show closer “Fuck You”. So after 30 plus times I must be as tired of “Elimination” as the band is? I also don't dig the more than cliched title “Old School” and its punk romp, god I hope that also doesn't become a staple in their set? Last time they were around in 05 they added “Blood and Iron” and “Nice Day for a Funeral” which were brilliant and I wish stuck around a little longer. Now those are Overkill songs!

Joining the Kill for this second round of U.S. dates is new drummer Ron Lipnicki who some may know from Hades. He does a great job behind the kit kicking things up a notch, holding down a good solid rhythm as well as picking up the pace for the faster songs. Not sure if the guitars had an off night or what but sometimes Ron was either a step ahead or the guitars were playing catch up to the drums? Also it appears Dave was having some problems with his guitar sound and/or rig.

Aside from those minor glitches Blitz was as always on point being both sarcastic and humorous with his audience and his genuine voice up to pare. DD on bass was also enjoying himself switching between his serious focused look and evil smirk.

Overkill remains as viable as ever and rumor has it they will be part of Dave Mustane's Gigantour summer festival jaunt. It will be great to see these guys finally on a big stage in the States, its long overdue.


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