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Yngwie Malmsteen

Date: 11/30/05
Venue: Starland Ballroom , NJ
Reviewed By: Rich Catino

I have seen Yngwie plenty of times over the years and always enjoyed his playing, especially on his first four albums. As far as his live set I have one complaint, as usual way too many instrumentals. You always get the obvious classics “Black Star” and “Far Beyond the Sun” off his stunning debut Rising Force, those are usually a given. Then another off “Trilogy”, called “Trilogy Suite”, all the above showing the guitar world at such a young age back in 1985/86 that he was already an accomplished talent. At this point in the show I would have been satisfied with three instrumentals but he also did like two other pieces, one called “Fugue” a classical work which is on his latest release with the orchestra. Way too much even given his abilities and plus, you get enough shredding when it comes to the guitar solos themselves. It just becomes repetitious after a while and I much would rather have heard a few more songs. Still though I must say that when he gets into a zone he does some runs that just amazes me.

With the time remaining he played staples “You Don't' Remember”, “I'll See the Light” and “Rising Force”, “Dreaming”, “Never Die”, “Locked and Loaded” and “Revolution” off the new cd “Unleash the Fury”, Boroque and Roll” and “Rise Up” off “Attack”, and “Demon Driver”. Singing and playing guitar for Hendrix's “Red House” is nothing new for Yngwie as he has been including his hero's music into his live show for many years. A nice surprise was a cover of Deep Purple's “Burn” which was not even on the setlist and singer Doogie White could not have been a more respectable voice to sing such a classic.

More music and less with the self indulgencies is the way to go and I think will make Yngwie's playing more enjoyable to watch for the live show.

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