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Date: 10/12/03
Venue: BB Kings Blues Club NY, NY
Reviewed By: Rich Catino

After a many year absence from touring America, Helloween finally return to do some dates. I did see them for their one off show in New York (forgot the name of the venue) supporting “Better Than Raw” in 1998 I think was the year?

Helloween are probably the band who single handedly are responsible for creating the Power Metal genres sound and style, and in the process have established themselves as one of the legends along side Iron Maiden, Judas Priest and Black Sabbath to name a few.

What more could I ask for as the show started with a 1,2, 3 punch of the classic “Starlight”, “Murderer”, and “Keeper of the Seven Keys” in its entirety. “Keeper” sounded as powerful and classic as I could have wanted, and “Starlight” as ferocious.

New guitarist Sascha filled the shoes of Roland Grapow and even making them fit better than before. Singer Andi Deris was at one with the audience, joking around making everyone feel as if Helloween never stopped playing the states. Surprisingly, speaking of the crowd, most knew the songs and lyrics as well as singing the appropriate chants and chorus’ as they are done in the European countries. Very well done New York!

Darker and more modern arranged tracks like “If I Could Fly” from “The Dark Ride” and “Back Against the Wall” from the new “Rabbit Don’t Come Easy” added dynamics to the bands usual more upbeat and brighter side. “Open Your Life” and the Eastern influenced “Sun for the World” were also selections from their latest cd. “Forever and One” is one of my favorite Helloween ballads along with the self empowering “Power” (both can be found on “Time of the Oath), which included a segment of crowd participation. The set list was a great balance between classic and Andi Deris material closing the show with “How Many Tears” from their much imitated debut “Walls of Jericho”.

Helloween should have never stopped touring the U.S. and by the looks of the almost sold out show in New York I am sure they will return.

Starlight Murderer
Keeper of the Seven Keys
Eagle Fly Free
Future World
Dr. Stein
I Can
Hey Lord
If I Could Fly
Forever and One
Where the Rain Grows
Sole Survivor
Back Against the Wall
Sun 4 the World
Open Your Life
How Many Tears

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